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We'll never look at the grocer's meat case the same way again. We have read and heard how much healthier and leaner pasture raised hormone free beef was ... and that it is!!!!!! Not only does it taste better, it is the leanest and tenderest meat we've cooked with. Need custom cuts, no problem for Carol and James! We love thick round steaks for smothering, lean stew meat for soups, and quality steaks for the grill, they have it all. We're customers for life!

Joel and Renee Singleton

I am so pleased in purchasing my meat from Gentz Cattle Company. In my childhood in the 1940's and 1950's , my father worked in a meat market as a butcher. I am familiar with cuts and quality of meats. In the past 30 to 40 years, I have not been able to purchase meat with the taste and quality that I was used to. No matter what price I paid or the seasoning I put on the meat it just hasn't been the same. I was tough and tasteless. I could not believe when I first purchased the Gentz meat how tender and full of flavor it is without all the seasoning. If you are interested in health, they don't inject chemicals into the cattle; if you are interested in diet, the meat is very lean; if you want good aged beef, call the Gentz Cattle Company. Thank you for this opportunity to say how I feel.

Marilyn Scott

I am one of these faithful Kroger shoppers. I have tried the Gentz meat a few times and what I have found is that when I cook with their meat I don't have to dump out the grease because there isn't any. I have two growin boys and a husband that LOVES meat. When I cook with meat from Kroger or HEB, I have to use almost twice as much meat cause it just doesn't fill my men up. Gentz meat is full of flavor and more filling to us. I never realized how pasture raised beef tastes so good and lean. Makes me wonder how much chemicals and other stuff is in meat you get from the supermarket. The Wilson family highly recommends Gentz Cattle Company to anyone that LOVES meat as much as we do. Hats off to Carol and James for going above and beyond to providing a great quality of beef to our family and many others!!!!

John and Sandra Wilson