Cooking Tips and Recipes

1. Texas Longhorn Beef cooks quickly due to its low fat content. Fat acts as an insulator so the heat must penetrate the fat before it begins to cook the meat. Therefore, the less fat, the quicker the cooking time. Be careful not to overcook it.

2. There is not much shrinkage in Longhorn beef. The cooked size is close to the same size you started with.

3. It is never necessary to cook Longhorn beef in additional fat. It contains just enough natural fat to allow it to cook to perfection.

4. To broil, position the meat 3-4 inches from the heat. Watch it closely while cooking to achieve desired doneness. Broiling slightly frozen steaks keeps them juicer.

5. A medium hot fire works best in grilling. Add damp mesquite or cherry wood chips to the fire for extra flavor. Remember, the meat cooks quickly so watch it carefully.

6. Longhorn beef roasts should be cooked at 275 degrees F.

7. A meat thermometer is recommended to monitor desired doneness. Ground beef should have an internal temperature of 160 degress F.